Backes Research Group


This week I am attending the IEEE International Conference on Microwave Magnetics (ICMM) in Exeter. Right after that follows the Emerging Applications of Spin Transfer Torque Workshop (EASTT), also in Exeter. This means I have two opportunities to present our group activities: First I give a talk on our very first FMR results on Co20Fe60B20 grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD). The second talk is addressing the challenges of making spintronic devices based on topological insulators.


The Royal Society has invited me to attend the UK-India Frontiers of Science Meeting in Chicheley Hall in Milton Keynes, close to London. The level of science shown from colleagues of both India and the UK in disciplines such as Physics of Topological Devices and Quantum Computation is impressive. I am presenting a poster and enjoy discussions with with my colleagues. But: Beware of the peacock!


I gave a talk here in Loughborough today. My main goal was to convey recent developments in spintronics and topological materials. Thanks to everybody who attended and for the lively discussion after the talk (and of course for the cookies)!


Welcome to Geet Awana who starts today her PhD! Geet obtained a Master of Science from the University of Delhi. During her Master project, carried out at the National Physical Institute, she synthesised single crystal topological insulators and characterised their structural and electronic properties. In future, she will investigate topological insulators and their applications for spintronics.


Talk at the IoP Conference on Advances in Quantum Transport in Low Dimensional Systems in London. The conference was hosted by UCL and featured talks by Michael Pepper (UCL), Jainendra Jain (Penn State), Konstantin Mateev (Argonne National Lab), and Irfan Siddiqi (Berkeley).


Our paper on topological p-n junction got accepted today. It will appear in Physical Review B. Thanks to all who were involved for their hard work!


Poster presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on Topological & Correlated Matter in Hong Kong. The conference was opened by Noble Prize Winner Douglas Haldane and featured talks by Nai Phuan Ong (Princeton), Ashvin Vishwanath (Harvard),  Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford), and Hong Ding (Chinese Aademy), among others.


Back in York, this time for the IoP Magnetism Conference. I presented a poster on my future research activities in spintronic applications of topological insulators.


Today I gave a seminar talk in the University of York, invited by the Department of Physics. Thanks again for the hospitality and the interesting discussions!


Talk at the 61st Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) in New Orleans


Start of Lectureship in Physics at Loughborough University